Frequently Asked Questions

What is Balochistan Charity Registration & Regulation Authority?

The Balochistan Charities (Registration, Regulation and Facilitation (Bill No.15 of 2019) having been passed by the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan on 12th October, 2019 and assented to by the Governor Balochistan, on 24th October, 2019 is hereby published as an Act of the Balochistan Provincial Assembly.

Why is it necessary to register with BCRA?

All the other registration authority’s act/ordinance are cancelled after the act has been passed by the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. To work legally under rightful law, any Organization, Trust, Foundation is obliged to register itself under this law with Balochistan Charities Registration & Regulation Authority.

Who can register with BCRA?

All NGOs/ NPOs, Foundation, Madrassah, Societies, Blood Bank, Press Club and Drug and Rehabilitation Centers.

Which documents are required for registration?

For Sign-up
• Submitted bank fee deposit receipt.
• Authority letter sign and stamped by the organization head (downloaded from BCRA site).
For Registration
• Memorandum of Association/Organizational Profile.
• Article of Association/Bylaws.
• Old Registration Certificate (if any).
• Property Proof/Office Address Proof.
• Asset List (Items owned by the organization).
• Bank Account Details (if any).
• Donation Details /funding.
• Financial Details/ Bank Account Statement.
• Audit Report (if any).
• Utility Proof.

How much does it cost to apply?

The cost for organization applying for registration are listed below according to the category in which the organization take place:
Category A: International NGOs, NPOs/ National Level NGOs/ NPOs Trust, Foundation, Madrasa, Religious Seminars.
100,000 Rs
Category B: Currently working/ operating in two or more districts in the Province.
20,000 Rs
Category C: Currently working/ operating in one district (more than two (2) Tehsils).
10,000 Rs
Category D: Currently working/ operating in one Tehsil / Union Council.
5,000 Rs
Category E: Currently working/ operating in Local Support Organization (LSO).
1,500 Rs
Category F: Currently working/ operating in Community Organization (CO).
1,000 Rs
Category G: Currently working/ operating in Village Organization (VO).
500 Rs

Who must apply to register as a charity?

An organization must apply to register as a charity in Balochistan if:

  • A society, an agency, an NGO, NPO, a Trust, Madrasa, a religious seminary or any other organization by any other name that is a nonprofit, voluntary association of persons, natural or juristic.
  • Not controlled by any Government and set up for one or more public benefit purposes mentioned in the Schedule.
  • Includes local branches of foreign non-profit organization(s) but excludes such foreign organizations operating in Pakistan to whose charter Pakistan is a signatory or where a protocol exists between the Government of Pakistan.
  • An organization depending for its resources on public subscription, donations or Government aid.

How long will it take to complete the application form?

We estimate that normally it should take around one and a half hour in total to complete the online form, provided you have all the information to hand and have used the supporting guidance to prepare, It is not necessary to complete the whole application form in one sitting. You will be able to save the information you have completed and return to it at a later date, unless its not submitted. Once you have submitted your form its not possible for you to make any changes into it until its under observation and the form is unlocked.

Is there anything I need to prepare before I apply?

Our website provides advice and guidance on how you can prepare your application in advance, including the information and documentation you will need to have and forward the related required documents to BCRA Office.

When the form can be submitted after the challan is paid?

The form should be submitted within 3 months after the challan is paid. Once the the challan is expired it no longer is validated and cannot be used in completion for registration. The concerned organization will need to submit the fee again for registration.

I have lost my registration application password/my password is not working – what can I do?

  • Please note that only organizations which have complete the sign-up for registration will receive an email containing a password in order to access the online registration system.
  • Please log in via the Register you Charity link on the homepage or the link in the call forward correspondence, with the contact person’s email address as your username. We recommend you copy and paste the password from the email.

How will I know if my application has been successful?

If your application is successful, we will email you to let you know and will then enter your organization as a charity on the online register of charities, available on our website. We will also issue you with your unique BCRA ID number and a welcome pack which will provide information on key areas such as using your charity number, reporting to the Authority, fundraising and where to find further information or guidance to help you manage your charity.

Will I have to apply every year?

No, registration is a one off process. However, you will be required to notify us of any changes to your organization, for example if your charity makes any changes to its governing document, closes or changes its name, and keep us updated on your activities via the annual reporting regime for registered charities.

Does an organization need to hire an agent or Lawyer for registration process?

  • No. All the information required can be filled by authorized employee/ trustee/ executive member or other member associated with the organization/ NPO/ NGO/ Charity/ Society. But this member needs to have an authorization letter for submission of this application.
  • User Guide is also available for you convenience

Getting error “mobile number already exist” while submitting the form and data of verifier?

This error is due the reason that you are verifying data with the particulars of same person who have been authorized to upload data. It is necessary that the verifying person should be different person than data uploading person.

What will be the verification process/ step of an organization and how long it will take to issue the certificate?

Balochistan Charities Registration & Regulation Authority shall ensure a swift mechanism of verification and issuance of registration certificate. All correspondence will be shared with the applicants through this portal.